How our pricing works

Our basic installation of a 1 story home on your gutter line starts at 100$ (Lights supplied by homeowner)

Our basic installation of a 2 story home on your gutter starts at 200$ (Lights supplied by homeowner)

Our pricing will be determined by the following factors:​

  • Larger square footage and height of home 

  • The number of trees and bushes to be decorated​​

  • The number of options such as wreaths and spotlights

  • If The Grass Doctor supplies lights

All pricing includes:

  • The lights and decoration

  • The installation labor cost

  • Service calls are free the first time and 20$ each time after that (Includes price of part)

  • Removal of lights at end of year and option to store them with us

Types of Lighting and Décor available:

• Classic C-9 “Large Bulb”
• LED’s of All Types
• Mini-lights (clear, color or multi color)
• Icicle Lights
• Wreaths, Bows, Bells
• Lit-Garland for Balconies, Arches, etc.
• C-7 Lights
• Light Sculptures
• Animated Displays
• Pole Mounted Decorations and Banners